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Domain Names

One of the things that you will need for your web site is a domain name. This is the address of your web site. In our case, bluebuttonmedia.co.uk and bluebuttonmedia.com are our domain names. Acquiring the domain names of your choice is becoming increasingly more difficult as thousands of domain name names are being purchased every day and if you don't want to miss out on the domain name of your choice then we strongly recommend you contact us so that we can check the availability of your preferred names and acquire them on your behalf.

With your domain name comes email forwarding so that we can arrange for any emails that are sent to your domain name to be forwarded to an alternative email address of your choice. If you are using either Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook as your default email program then we can talk you through setting up another account in your program that will use your current email settings so that emails sent out will appear to have been sent from your domain name as opposed to your personal email address. It again comes down to image and perception and in a competitive business environment every little thing that helps set your business above your competition is something you should really consider.

Prices : .co.uk domains from £17 per year and .com domains from £25 per year. Other domain names (ie .tv, .net etc quoted on an individual basis) (If you have a ukwebsaver.com loyalty card then you will benefit from a discount on these prices, please remember to quote the relevant discount code when talking to us).